Workshop 1: How can arts based techniques investigate representations of conflict, justice and the law? – Dr Sanja Bahun, Transitional Justice Network, Essex.

Date: 22 February 2014

Venue: Lecture Theatre Building, auditorium 10, and Lecture Theatre Building, Room B, University of Essex


09:30-10:00 - Registration of the participants, coffee/tea/breakfast refreshments (LTB foyer)

10:05-10:15 – Introduction to the day (LTB10)

10:15-11:00 - screening of Sexual Violence and the Triumph of Justice (2011, 40 min.), a documentary produced by International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (LTB10)

11:00 –12:00 - Case study One: Literature/View from the Inside (LTB Room B)
Discussion of/interaction with the documentary and Slavenka Drakulić's novel S: A Novel about the Balkans (LTB B)
Please consult also: Interview with Slavenka Drakulić, conducted by Heather McRobie, here:

12:00 – 12:30 - lunch (LTB foyer)

12.30-14:00 – Case study Two: Theatre/View from the Outside (LTB Room B)
Discussion of/interaction with Sarah Kane's Blasted (1995); excerpts from a recording of the performance 

14:00-16:00 – Case study Three: Film (LTB 10)
Screening and discussion of Esma's Secret: Grbavica (dir. Jasmila Žbanić, 2006, 107 min.) (LTB10)

16:00-16:45 – Working in groups: produce your own literary/cinematic/performative response to the issue of war rape

16:45-17:15 - Continue informal exchange, coffee/tea/refreshments (LTB foyer)

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