Workshop Information

Four separate team-based, one-day workshops at UEA, Essex, Goldsmiths and Sussex, will be held over February and March 2014. The teams will be student-led (to develop participants' experience of interdisciplinary collaboration), and mentored by a senior academic lead. Our aim here is to develop a tool kit for emerging Humanities in Human Rights research grounded in a set of concrete contemporary questions:

Workshop 1: How can arts based techniques investigate representations of conflict, justice and the law? – Dr Sanja Bahun, Transitional Justice Network, Essex.

Workshop 2: How can issues of testimony, displacement and trauma be approached within a humanities sensibility? – Prof. Vicky Lebeau, Sussex.

Workshop 3: What opportunities are offered by researching human rights in the context of the media, film, music and the arts? – Prof. John Street, media@uea.

Workshop 4: What can humanities scholarship bring to our understanding of exile, migration and refugeness? – Dr Anastasia Christou, Sussex Centre for Migration Research/Middlesex University, London and Prof. Les Back, Goldsmiths.

Travel Expenses

All non-UEA participants eligible for a £60 stipend for travel to and from events must complete a non-staff expenses claim form (UEA6).

Claim Form UEA6 (.xls, 82 KB)

UEA participants with travel expenses should complete an internal claim form:

Student Expenses Claim Form (UEA 8)

Please note the following before completing your form:

  • The form must be accompanied by the receipt for your tickets
  • Participants can only claim for a maximum of £60
  • Expenses of a value less than £60 will only be reimbursed up to the value of the tickets


Forms should be submitted immediately after each event to:

Dr Matthew Sillence, Lecturer in Humanities (Graduate Education and Training), Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Arts 01.25, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich NR4 7TJ